NOTE: There are no nomination fees. Tow money is available for all interstate cars starting from $350 for cars from Victoria, and increasing for other states. 


  • 5th October 2019

  • 30th November 2019

  • 14th March 2020

  • 4th April 2020


  • 2 rounds of heats (randomiser drawn at the track for the 1st round of heats, inverted/heat swap 2nd round). Points earned from the heats will be used towards the feature. 

  • A-Main. If there is a B-Main, top 16 on points automatically qualify to the A-Main, with the fastest starting from the front (i.e. top qualifier from pole, 2nd from 2nd place, etc). If there is no B-Main, all 20 positions will be determined from heat points.



Will be paid by SA Speedcars to the bank account provided in the online nomination form. Please ensure this is accurate before submitting. Other bonus prizes will be available from SA Speedcar sponsors. $1,000 is guaranteed to the winner of each round. A series prize pool will also be payable at the end of the series. Entry to the series prizepool is open to all Speedcars Australia registered car owners. 


The points system for qualifying heats is as follows: - 1st, 25. 2nd, 20. 3rd, 16. 4th, 13. 5th, 11. 6th, 10. 7th, 9. 8th, 8. 9th, 7. 10th, 6. 11th, 5. 12th, 4. 13th, 3. 14th, 2. 15th, 1. DNF and DNS receive no points. Positions will be determined by transponder results. Tied points will be split by fastest lap time per transponders. Blackjack Series points are tallied on the car, allowing multiple drivers across the 4 rounds. 



It is the responsibility of each participant (driver, pit crew member or official) to have a copy of, and be familiar with, all relevant rules and regulations, and by competing in any Speedcars Australia Inc. sanctioned race meeting, each participant is deemed to understand and has agreed to comply with and be bound by these rules.




At any time during this event, random drug and or alcohol testing may take place. If you have any doubts as to your ability to pass such a test with a negative or zero reading you should withdraw from this Race Meeting IMMEDIATELY. The Speedway Australia Drug and Alcohol Policy applies. Speedway Australia has a zero tolerance regarding the use of drugs and alcohol in sport. Each Licence Holder must ensure that any prescribed medication does not contain a Prohibited Substance as listed in the AUSTRALIAN SPEEDWAY RACING RULES. Your nomination in this event shall be deemed as your consent to any tests for alcohol and Prohibited Substances required by Speedway Australia or its designated administrator. 



  • Only one-way communication from an authorised Speedcars Australia Inc. race controller will be allowed and is mandatory for all drivers (i.e. RACEceivers). 

  • Transponders are also mandatory, using the Amb transx 260 transponders system. if you own a transponder, please include your number in the nomination form to allow the venue to set up the transponder system in advance. Transponders will also be available for rent from Murray Bridge Speedway. 

  • ​Scrap parts and used tyres are not to be left in the pits after any event. Fines will be issued by the venue in the event any used parts are left behind.


Per rule 5.3.1 Any person, crew member or other, proven to be associated with a driver or car, who enters the racetrack under yellow or red light situations without the expressed authority of the Chief Steward will be fined $500 for the first offence, with the said driver also being fined $500 and disqualified from the race meeting.


Pit admission is subject to the following restrictions:

i) patrons aged 16 years or over, or 12 years and over if they hold a current Speedway Australia licence

ii) Must have enclosed footwear 

iii) Must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

iv) No animals allowed

v) Minimum dress requirements are shorts, short sleeved shirt or t-shirt and covered shoes.

A full list of pit rules is available from the Speedway Office. For the Smoking policy in the pit area please refer to signs at pit gate.


By nominating for any Blackjack event, entrants and car-owners confirm they understand the specifications, rules and regulations per the Speedcars Australia Racing Manual, Australian Speedway Racing Rules, and those imposed on them by Murray Bridge Speedway.

This event will be conducted under the rules and regulations stipulated by Speedcars Australia including the possibility of engine, fuel and weight testing throughout the event. It is understood that drug and alcohol testing may be conducted at any time, per Speedway Australia's ‘Drug & Alcohol Policy’ and 'Drug & Alcohol Testing Procedures'. Failure by any person/s including driver, owner and crew to comply with these and all Speedcars Australia rules and regulations may result in the exclusion of the car/driver from this event. 


Competitors enter at their own risk and must meet personal accident insurance obligations as per Speedway Australia requirements.