NOMINATE for the 70th SA Speedcar Championship!

SA Speedcars welcomes all competitors, teams, friends and families to Borderline Speedway, Mount Gambier for the 70th running of the SA Speedcar Championship!


Thanks to Borderline Speedway, SA Speedcars and Speedcars Australia; the cash prize pool for 20 cars or more is over $7,000, including $2,500 to win; plus further bonus prizes thanks to our SA Speedcars sponsors.

There is a $125 nomination fee, BUT this provides pit entry to the driver and 2 crew members (with Speedway Australia licences)!  




Nominations will only be taken online below. Please fill in the following nomination form which will automatically be sent to SA Speedcars upon submission.  We will send an acknowledement email that your nomination has been received. If you do not receive a notification within 24 hours of submitting online, please call or email Alison on 0419 352 231.


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$125  nomination fee applies for this event, from which all entrants are provided pit entry by Borderline Speedway. Nomination monies are to be paid to SA Speedcars once this form is submitted. 


  • 2 rounds of heats (marble drawn 1st round, inverted/heat swap 2nd round). Points earned from the heats will be used towards the feature. 

  • B-Main (time permitting, numbers dependant), first 4 cars transfer to A-Main. 

  • Pole Shuffle - top 6 cars, final pair best of 3. 

  • 30 lap A-Main. If there is a B-Main, top 16 on points automatically qualify to the A-Main, with the fastest starting from the front (i.e. top qualifier from pole, 2nd from 2nd place, etc). If there is no B-Main, all 20 positions will be determined from heat points. 



Will be paid by SA Speedcars to the bank account provided in the nomination form. Please ensure this is accurate before submitting. The payout schedule is provided below, noting this may change in the event the car count falls below 20 cars. Other bonus prizes will be available from SA Speedcar sponsors. 



The points system for qualifying heats is as follows: - 1st, 25. 2nd, 20. 3rd, 16. 4th, 13. 5th, 11. 6th, 10. 7th, 9. 8th, 8. 9th, 7. 10th, 6. 11th, 5. 12th, 4. 13th, 3. 14th, 2. 15th, 1. DNF and DNS receive no points. Positions will be determined by transponder results. Tied points will be split by fastest lap time per transponders.


  • If a driver uses a spare car in heat races, the driver will lose all points prior to changing cars and can start in their starting positions in the remainder of the heats. 

  • A driver having already qualified for the main/s may substitute another car, forfeiting all qualifying points and starting ROF in that event. E.g. Qualify into the A-Main in 10th, change cars and start 20th in lieu of 10th.



  • Only one-way communication from an authorised Speedcars Australia Inc. race controller will be allowed and is mandatory for all drivers (i.e. RACEceivers). 

  • Transponders are also mandatory, using the Amb transx 260 transponders system. if you own a transponder, please include your number in the nomination form to allow the venue to set up the transponder system in advance. Transponders will also be available for rent from the venue at a cost of up to $30 per night. 

  • Scrap parts and used tyres are not to be left in the pits after the event. Fines will be issued to teams in the event any used parts/tyres are left behind.


All nominated cars (including spare cars) must be scrutineered at the venue on race day prior to taking to the track. Competitors and owners are responsible for ensuring they are aware of and comply with the specifications defined in the 2017-2018 Speedcars Australia Inc. Racing Manual. 


At minimum, the top  placed cars may be weighed after the main event, and cars can also be called for random weighing at anytime with car AND driver. Cars will be weighed with the driver per rule 6.2.3.​


Per rule 5.3.1 Any person, crew member or other, proven to be associated with a driver or car, who enters the racetrack under yellow or red light situations without the expressed authority of the Chief Steward will be fined $500 for the first offence, with the said driver also being fined $500 and disqualified from the race meeting. 


Pit admission is subject to the following restrictions:

i) patrons aged 16 years or over, or 12 years and over if they hold a current Speedway Australia licence

ii) Must have enclosed footwear 

iii) Must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

iv) No animals allowed

v) Minimum dress requirements are shorts, short sleeved shirt or t-shirt and covered shoes.

A full list of pit rules is available from the Speedway Office. 


By nominating for this event, entrants and car-owners confirm they understand the specifications, rules and regulations per the current Speedcars Australia Race Rules, Regulations and Specifications and Australian Speedway Racing Rules and those imposed on them by the title venue.​


This event will be conducted under the rules and regulations stipulated by Speedcars Australia including the possibility of engine, fuel and weight testing throughout the event. It is understood that drug and alcohol testing may be conducted at any time, per Speedway Australia's ‘Drug & Alcohol Policy’ and 'Drug & Alcohol Testing Procedures'. Failure by any person/s including driver, owner and crew to comply with these and all Speedcars Australia rules and regulations may result in the exclusion of the car/driver from this event. 


Competitors enter at their own risk and must meet personal accident insurance obligations as per Speedway Australia requirements. 

NOMINATION FEES are payable once this form is submitted.You can pay via direct deposit or credit card via the instructions at the bottom of this page. This includes pit entry for the driver and 2 crew. 

For more information, please email or call Alison on 0419 352 231.

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04 Jan 2020, 3:30 pm ACDT
Borderline Speedway,
Princes Hwy, Mount Gambier SA 5290, Australia