• Alison Dwyer

KAT Motorsport Fuels Aussie Speedcar Podium Prizes!

Kerry and Tony Howlett of KAT Motorsport are again offering a bonus prize for anyone buying fuel from KAT Motorsport during this weekend's ENZED 73rd Australian Speedcar Championship at Speedway City, SA.

KAT Motorsport are offering the top three place getters in the Saturday night main their cost of fuel to be reimbursed! To be in the running this weekend, purchase your methanol supplies off KAT Motorsport at the track, run a KAT Motorsport sticker/decal on your car for the full event and finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Saturday night A-Main for the purchase of your fuel to be reimbursed!! KAT Motorsport offer a decanting service at the track at a cost of $25 per churn. If drivers wish to pre-order or just to advise a rough idea of how much they would like to purchase they can contact: Tony on 0418830465 or Kerry on 0402417166. For more information on KAT Motorsport and their methanol supply service, check out their website by clicking HERE!

We thank KAT Motorsport for joining the many supporters of Speedcars in South Australia!