• Alison Dwyer

Pickos Photos Sets Lucky 7 Prize for SA Speedcar Champs!

In an added incentive for this weekend's South Australian Speedcar Championship at Murray Bridge Speedway; Stephen Pickering of Picko's Photos today announced a bonus 'Lucky7' prize for the 7th place finisher in the main event. A twelve month subscription to SprintcarZone.com! SprintcarZone was created to provide an affordable way for the 'racers' to be able to download, whenever they wanted, all the photos taken of them doing what they love, at full high resolution. For one single low yearly subscription fee, you can log in and view all the photos you have been tagged in, and download them in four pre-set sizes. Despite the name, SprintcarZone will not only shoot Sprintcars, but will focus on major divisions; plus the photographers in the group will focus their attention on the subscribed drivers.

A long term Speedcar supporter, Stephen 'Picko' Pickering has had a love of speedway all his life, having been bought up around the Murray Bridge Speedway where his family was heavily involved. He started taking photos of the action in 2006 which has taken him to many speedway tracks throughout the country. Picko's photos are often found in the major Australian Speedway Magazines plus a couple American Magazines. For more information on SprintcarZone and their service, check out their website by clicking HERE! And also check out Picko's Photos Facebook page for updates and info! Pickos Photos on FACEBOOK The South Australian Speedcar Championship on April 19th at Murray Bridge forms part of the broader Tri-City Shootout starting at Bordertown on Friday 18th, Murray Bridge Saturday 19th and Speedway City for the grand final on Sunday 20th April. Competitors from SA, VIC, WA and NSW are nominated to battle it out over the 3 nights!