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Ben Hall AT&RS SA Speedcar Club Champion!


Celebrations last night at Adelaide's Griffins Hotel saw Ben Hall claim the American Tire & Racing Services SA Speedcar Club Championship and the time honoured Clisby Trophy for Highest Point scorer, sealing a strong 14/15 season for the SA racer!

Hall dominated the AT&RS Club Championship this season competing at events across South Australia, successfully holding out 2nd placing Todd Bennett and 3rd placing Brock Hallett! Hall took home a bonus $500 voucher from American Tire & Racing Services for his efforts and was presented with the spectacular hand made Clisby Trophy, first presented in 1946.

Todd Bennett, who concentrated on more local events this season reducing his heavy travel schedule of the season prior, scored 2nd place and a set of carbon fibre wheel covers thanks to Ti Bolts & Race Partz in QLD; while third placing Brock Hallett took home a free annual subscription to race photography website SprintcarZone.com thanks to Pickos Photos. All three winners were also awarded with a free centre spread and feature article each in upcoming issues of SA's State Racing Magazine!

Three Speedcar rookies fought it out this season for the new Bert Fenton Rookie of the Year Award, presented by the Bert's daughter Melissa. Victorian Dylan Willsher and South Australians Brett Ireland and Todd Wigzell joined the Midget ranks this season with local teams Darryl Knuckey Racing and Hardwyer Motorsport. While all rookies were presented with vouchers from TheSpeedwayShop.com, only one could claim the Bert Fenton Rookie of the Year Award and it was Todd Wigzell by the smallest of point margins to fellow Wingless Sprint racer Brett Ireland!


An appreciative and emotional Brendan Sexton was awarded the Bill Wigzell Award, recognising the Club Person of the Year. After 12 years of intense involvement in the class both locally and nationally; the SA Speedcars' Club President recently announced his intention to step down from his position on the board to let in some young blood and was proud to be recognised under the award originally started by his own idol, Bill Wigzell.

Nathan Squiers claimed the new Emcee Creations Driver's Driver award, which is voted on by the competitors. Recognising sportsmanship, mate-ship and a competitor other racers like to race with; Squiers is the inaugural winner of the award in SA.

The season's hard working volunteers and supporters were also recognised by the SA Speedcar Committee including brothers David and Mark Andrew, Roger Munchenburg and Stephen Pickering.

SA Speedcars look forward to another prosperous season in 15/16 with the announcement of the Pro Speedcar Week heading to SA for 2 nights, a number of offers in for the State Title and many offered nights of local shows!

To see more photos from the event visit the gallery HERE thanks to Stephen Pickering!

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