• Alison Dwyer

Speedcar Division Starting in Tasmania!

Speedcars Australia Inc. in conjunction with Tasmanian Mini Sprints Association Inc. would like to announce the pending arrival of Speedcars into Tasmania. This is an exciting time for speedway in Tasmania with Carrick Speedway already showing support for the division with many cars ready to race.

Speedcar (Midget in USA & NZ) racing is one of the fastest & most exciting forms of open wheel racing within Australia and the world!! Weighing in at approximately 410kg with a 166cc or a Stock block 3.0L Max Engine capacity, surrounded by a engineered chassis built from chrome moly. If you or someone you know would like to know more about this action packed form of racing to start in Tasmania please get in contact with Geoff Henri or Aaron Jones for more information!!! Geoff Henri. 0409561805 Geoffsmechanical33@bigpond.com Aaron Jones 0488742218 aj_t32@outlook.com Or Speedcars Australia Inc. Sec Michael Harders michael@speedsport.com.au 0411 209030