• Alison Dwyer

The Speedway Shop Speedcar Jackpot Begins Tonight!

SA Speedcars is pleased to not only announce the return of our Club Championship and annual Speedcar Stampede sponsor, TheSpeedwayShop.com for season 2015/2016; but also their new incentive offer up for grabs in South Australia where the winner's prize purse jackpots after consecutive wins until a new feature winner takes the podium's top spot!

With the season kicking off tonight at Speedway City, the winner will take home the regular Speedcar Club Championship feature winner prize money... BUT if the same competitor also wins round 2 at Murray Bridge Speedway on October 31st, The Speedway Shop will be adding a bonus $50 to kick off the Prizemoney jackpot!

Big deal, what's fifty bucks you say?!

Well if the same winner claims the victory again in round 3 for 3 consecutive Feature wins; the payable bonus for that event becomes $100; in round 4 it jumps to $150; round 5 to $200; and so on each round up to a maximum bonus payment at round 12 of $550 for the winner on top of their allocated prizemoney!

If one competitor wins EVERY event in SA this season, they can bag a huge combined bonus of $3,300 on top of the regular prizemoney thanks to The Speedway Shop! But each time a different competitor takes a Feature win in SA, the jackpot resets and we start again with the new victor.

A minimum of 8 cars need to take the green at each round and the offer is only available under a single feature format. In the event less than 8 cars start the event; or a wash-out, cancellation or declaration of the feature under 50% of the programmed laps; the reigning winner will progress to the next round without the bonus being applied for the impacted event.

A fully Australian owned online business based in South Australia; The Speedway Shop is committed to not only bring race fans what they deserve – fantastic local and international products at reasonable prices; but also supporting the sport we all enjoy so much, providing sponsorship to competitors and events from a range of Speedway divisions.

The Speedway Shop is also the major sponsor of the Hardwyer Motorsports team, with owner/driver Mark Harrington in the S6 and Brett Ireland in the S35 which means lucky fans will also be seeing The Speedway Shop Hardwyer T-Shirt Cannon making appearances this season at major events in SA at Westline Speedway Whyalla, Speedway City and Murray Bridge Speedway plus some interstate events where possible! Be sure to like their Facebook page www.Facebook.com/TheSpeedwayShop to see when the cannon is making an appearance near you!

The Speedway Shop joins Ti Bolts and Race Partz and Pickos Photos as sponsors of the 15/16 Club Championship, with the major sponsor being announced shortly; right in time for our season opener at Speedway City!