Thomas Wins the Battle, Smee Wins the War!

Tyler Thomas last night broke through to take the final feature race for the inaugural Rent A Fence Pro Speedcar Week at Murray Bridge, the Tim Crouch Memorial, but it was Nathan Smee who did enough to lock in another pile of points to become the inaugural PSW Champion. Thomas drove a calculated race, starting on the front row alongside fellow American Darren Hagen, with the third American in Austin Brown starting from position three. It was actually Brown who ducked into the lead early and would led the opening three laps. Hagen was right on his tail and took over the lead on lap four, with Thomas moving into second two laps later. Next it was Nathan Smee who went from fourth to second on lap seven, but Thomas fought back and reclaimed the position on lap ten. From here Hagen and Thomas began to battle it out side by side for the next few laps, broken only by the first caution of the race, for Todd Waddell who spun in turn two with fourteen complete. This would set off a chain reaction of cautions, with first Todd Wigzell, then Brad Warwick stopping in two separate incidents before Todd Bennett and Graham Knuckey came together to bring out the yellows once again. Eventually the race got restarted once again and got back into a rhythm, with the drivers putting on one of the best feature races seen in many years. For the next seven laps Hagen and Thomas waged a war of high side maneuvers and slide jobs to swap the lead six times in an epic battle. On lap twenty Thomas took the lead for the final time, but the battle continued as Hagen went under him, around him and right next to him in an attempt to grab the lead, but he simply didn’t have enough as Thomas raced away to become the fifth different winner in as many rounds, crossing the line ahead of Hagen and Nathan Smee. Earlier in the night Darren Hagen took out the KTEQ Rentals QuickTime, while heat wins went to Michael Stewart, Kaiden Manders, Todd Waddell (2), Tyler Thomas and Austin Dillon. The only major incident was when Graham Knuckey found himself going upside down in turns one and two, but he was able to repair his car for feature race action. The Tim Crouch Memorial lucky seven draw was once again popular with the fans, while the race itself saw Nathan Smee grab pole position for the final in the seven lap tribute race. The Tim Crouch Memorial was the final race of the Rent a Fence Pro Speedcar Week, which meant all the series awards were presented after the race. It also meant that Nathan Smee was awarded with his historic first place trophy as the winner of the inaugural Pro Speedcar Week, defeating Darren Hagen and Austin Brown. A full championship list, along with full award winners and more reviews from the Pro Speedcar Week will be posted in coming days, but for now a huge thankyou to all our drivers, crews, sponsors, officials and fans for coming out and supporting the series! Contingency Awards KTEQ Rentals QuickTime – Darren Hagen Jetpilot 4th Place – Austin Brown Lucas Oils Hard Charger – Nick Rowe JDS Motorsport Hard Luck – Ross Heywood P1 Australia Sportsman Award – Michael Stewart AFCO Series Hard Charger – Austin Brown KRE/GKR 11th Place Voucher - Paul Farrell Illuminated Industries Contracted Driver Draw – V71 Domain Ramsay Best Presented Crew – S25 Todd Bennett Drivers Driver – Lee Redmond Championship 3rd – Austin Brown 1284 Championship 2nd - Darren Hagan 1334 Championship 1st - Nathan Smee 1449 Official Results Time Trials - 1. U9 Darren Hagen 13.471, 2. Q6 Nathan Smee 13.759, 3. V71 Domain Ramsay 13.782, 4. S11 Graham Knuckey 13.789, 5. U26 Tyler Thomas 13.806, 6. U9 Austin Brown 13.827, 7. W52 Lee Redmond 13.854, 8. W11 Kaiden Manders 13.867, 9. S71 Ben Hall 13.973, 10. Q71 Troy Ware 14.045, 11. V2 Paul Farrell 14.083, 12. S88 Todd Wigzell 14.100, 13. S7 Jamie Crouch 14.123, 14. W97 Nick Rowe 14.177, 15. W7 Todd Waddell 14.211, 16. S9 Michael Stewart 14.219, 17. V22 Joe Lostitch 14.232, 18. S10 Brad Warwick 14.257, 19. V91 Troy Jordan 14.344, 20. S35 Brett Ireland 14.394, 21. S25 Todd Bennett 14.406, 22. S6 Mark Harrington 14.741, 23. S16 Tim Caddy 14.774, 24. V23 Johnny Kyriacao NTT, 25. W2 Ross Heywood NTT. Heat One - 10 laps: 1. S9 Michael Stewart, 2. U3 Darren Hagen, 3. V91 Troy Jordan, 4. W52 Lee Redmond, 5. S7 Jamie Crouch, 6. Q71 Troy Ware, 7. S11 Graham Knuckey, 8. S6 Mark Harrington. DNS: W2 Ross Heywood. Total Time: 2.23.856. Winning Margin: 2.912. Fastest Lap: 13.801 U3 Darren Hagen. Heat Two - 10 laps: 1. W11 Kaiden Manders, 2. U26 Tyler Thomas, 3. Q6 Nathan Smee, 4. W97 Nick Rowe, 5. S35 Brett Ireland, 6. V2 Paul Farrell, 7. V22 Joe Lostitch, 8. S16 Tim Caddy. Total Time: 3.00.177. Winning Margin: 0.827. Fastest Lap: 13.848 U26 Tyler Thomas. Heat Three - 10 laps: 1. W7 Todd Waddell, 2. U9 Austin Brown, 3. S88 Todd Wigzell, 4. V71 Domain Ramsay, 5. S10 Brad Warwick, 6. S25 Todd Bennett. DNF: S71 Ben Hall, V23 Johnny Kyriacou. Total Time: 2.31.593. Winning Margin: 4.951. Fastest Lap: 13.723 W7 Todd Waddell. Heat Four - 10 laps:1. U26 Tyler Thomas, 2. U3 Darren Hagen, 3. W52 Lee Redmond, 4. V91 Troy Jordan, 5. V2 Paul Farrell, 6. S16 Tim Caddy. DNF: W22 Joe Lostitch, Jamie Crouch. DNS: W2 Ross Heywood. Total Time: 2.32.177. Winning Margin: 3.541. Fastest Lap: 13.879 U26 Tyler Thomas. Heat Five - 10 laps: 1. W7 Todd Waddell, 2. S9 Michael Stewart, 3. Q71 Troy Ware, 4. V71 Domain Ramsay, 5. S25 Todd Bennett, 6. S6 Mark Harrington. DNF: S71 Ben Hall, S11 Graham Knuckey. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.270. Fastest Lap: 13.619 W7 Todd Waddell. Heat Six - 10 laps: 1. U9 Austin Dillon, 2. Q6 Nathan Smee, 3. S88 Todd Wigzell, 4. W11 Kaiden Manders, 5. S10 Brad Warwick, 6. W97 Nick Rowe, 7. S35 Brett Ireland, 8. V23 Johnny Kyriacou. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 3.760. Fastest Lap: 14.310 U9 Austin Brown. Super 7 Dash - 7 laps: 1. Q6 Nathan Smee, 2. U26 Tyler Thomas, 3. U9 Austin Brown, 4. W7 Todd Waddell, 5. U3 Darren Hagan, 6. W11 Kaiden Manders, 7. V71 Domain Ramsay. Total Time: 1.52.272 (Record). Winning Margin: 0.786. Fastest Lap: 13.657 U26 Tyler Thomas. Feature Race – 30 laps: 1. U26 Tyler Thomas, 2. U3 Darren Hagen, 3. Q6 Nathan Smee, 4. U9 Austin Brown, 5. S9 Michael Stewart, 6. W11 Kaiden Manders, 7. Q71 Troy Ware, 8. W97 Nick Rowe, 9. V71 Domain Ramsay, 10. S71 Ben Hall, 11. S7 Jamie Crouch, 12. W52 Lee Redmond, 13. W7 Todd Waddell, 14. S11 Graham Knuckey, 15. S35 Brett Ireland, 16. S16 Tim Caddy, 17. S10 Brad Warwick, 18. V23 Johnny Kyriacao. DNF: S88 Todd Wigzell, S25 Todd Bennett, V2 Paul Farrell, V22 Joe Lostitch. DNS: V91 Troy Jordan. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.075. Fastest Lap: 13.850 S9 Michael Stewart. Pic Courtesy FR Media.