Smee’s Championship Success!

After five race meetings in a span of eight days, travelling over 3000km and running on much less than sleep than is required, Nathan Smee is the man who has bested the rest as he claimed the inaugural Rent a Fence Pro Speedcar Week. Smee scored a total of 1449 points courtesy of finishing in the top five at every round: a race win (at Whyalla), a second place (Kalgoorlie) and two thirds (Murray Bridge and Moora), with fifth place at the Motorplex, as well as two heat wins (and five other top three finishes in heats) as well as three top three finishes in qualifying out of the four rounds it was contested: an impressive record to say the least. He finished 115 points ahead of second placed Darren Hagen who claimed a round win at Moora as well as a second place at Murray Bridge. He finished in the five on two other occasions but a DNF at the Motorplex in round one proved costly overall. He set Quicktime twice, claimed two heat wins and finished with five other top three heat finishes. Austin Brown was the man who finished in third place with 1284 points, some and despite not having a round win, he scored two podium finishes, one heat win and five other top three finishes in heats. He finished fourth in two other rounds and then eighth in the other feature, showing that consistency is key. Another who was consistent across the series was Kaiden Manders who scored two seventh places and three sixth places across the series to come home sixth overall in the series. Other round wins went to Lee Redmond (Kalgoorlie) who finished fourth in the championship, Tyler Thomas (Tim Crouch Memorial winner at Murray Bridge) who came home fifth, and Neville Lance who won the inaugural round, the Magic Man 34, but ended up leaving the series at the end of round three and finishing 18th overall. This means that across the five rounds we had five different winners, showing the level of competition across the series. Contracted drivers also took all of these victories, with a number of non-contracted drivers coming close, including Michael Stewart at Whyalla. A total of 45 drivers competed in at least one round of the series, with three drivers winning the four contested QuickTime awards. Seventeen drivers won a heat race throughout the series. With the thirty heats contested the most successful was Queensland’s Troy Ware who claimed four wins. He was followed by Darren Hagen and Tyler Thomas with three heat wins a piece. Nathan Smee, Kaiden Manders, Todd Waddell, Ben Hall, Dayne Kingshott and Michael Stewart all won two heats each while Lee Redmond, Phil Tremeer, Paul Farrell, Neville Lance, Ryan Condren, Brett Ireland, Tim Crouch and Austin Brown all scoring single victories: Brown waiting until the very last moment to get his only victory as he took out the final heat race of the final round of the series at Murray Bridge. At the final presentations after Murray Bridge, series co coordinator Lee Redmond was voted the Drivers Driver; an award voted on by all contracted drivers as to who they think was best and fairest across the whole series. Todd Bennett was then awarded the Best Presented Car and Crew Award. This brings the Rent a Fence Pro Speedcar Week to a close for the inaugural year, but stay tuned through the week as we wrap a few more things up! In the meantime, a huge congratulations and a massive thankyou to all our drivers for supporting the 2015 Rent a Fence Pro Speedcar Week. You put on a great show at every single round and we are thankful and grateful for the amount of effort you all put in. Thankyou. Series Awards (More to follow) Best Presented Crew – S25 Todd Bennett Drivers Driver – Lee Redmond FINAL PSW Point Score 1. Q6 Nathan Smee 1449 2. U3 Darren Hagen 1334 3. U9 Austin Brown 1284 4. W52 Lee Redmond 1223 5. U26 Tyler Thomas 1200 6. W11 Kaiden Manders 1154 7. W7 Todd Waddell 1010 8. S71 Ben Hall 981 9. Q71 Troy Ware 980 10. S11 Graham Knuckey 930 11. V2 Paul Farrell 844 12. W97 Nick Rowe 835 13. V71 Domain Ramsay798 14. S25 Todd Bennett 795 15. W24 Dayne Kingshott 744 16. S10 Brad Warwick 726 17. V22 Joe Lostitch 719 18. W14 Neville Lance 628 19. W40 Chris Griffiths 568 20. S9 Michael Stewart 487 21. U4 Alex Bright 390 22. W28 Ryan Condren 374 23. S35 Brett Ireland 362 24. S88 Todd Wigzell 330 25. S7 Jamie Crouch 324 26. W2 Ross Heywood 309 27. W10 Dave Perry 304 28. Q82 Jason Bell 293. 29. Q67 Grant Draney 246 30. Q98 Matt Greenwood 224 31. W23 Glen Mears 211 32. Q69 Brett Thomas 203 33. V23 Johny Kyriacou 203 34. W3 Scott Glazebrook 197 35. W42 Phil Tremeer 194 36. U71 Davey Ray 193 37. S6 Mark Harrington 174 38. V91 Troy Jordan 157 39. V16 Tim Caddy 153 40. W38 Travis White 121 41. W9 Paul Robinson 111 42. W41 Jason Tremeer 107 43. W25 Jack Alfirevich 102 44. W19 Steven Henderson 94 45. W22 Chris Telenta 79