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Wigzell's Winning Ways Transfer to Speedcars!

Two time Australian Wingless Sprint Champion Todd Wigzell claimed his first ever Speedcar feature win on Saturday night at Speedway City in the Darryl Knuckey DK Fabrication SA88, from Todd Bennett and Ben Hall!

Having tied on points from qualifying heats with Todd Bennett, a coin toss saw Bennett line up on pole beside Wigzell in position two, fellow Wingless Sprint racer Brett Ireland in third and reigning AT&RS SA Club Champion Ben Hall from fourth position.

Wigzell got a great start, stealing the lead from Bennett through turns one and two; leaving Bennett, Hall, Ireland and Crouch to battle it out behind him. Wigzell continued to drive away from the snarling pack, before the yellows were pulled for a spun Graham Knuckey in turn four.

With Bennett, Hall, Crouch and Ireland back on Wigzell's tail, there was potential again for someone to claim the lead. But at the green Wigzell was again straight on the pedal and already half the back straightaway ahead of his closest challenger on the restart lap!

Wigzell continued on his commanding drive to take the win; triumping over Bennett and Hall to claim his first ever Speedcar feature! Nathan Squiers came in 4th with Jamie Crouch rounding out the top five. Heat wins were claimed by Ireland and Bennett.

29th November 2015 - Speedway City, SA:

FEATURE RESULTS: 1. S88 Todd Wigzell, 2. S25 Todd Bennett, 3. S71 Ben Hall, 4. S86 Nathan Squiers, 5. S7 Jamie Crouch, 6. S35 Brett Ireland DNF, 7. S11 Graham Knuckey DNF, 8. S16 Tim Caddy DNF.

HEAT ONE RESULTS: 1. S25 Todd Bennett, 2. S88 Todd Wigzell, 3. S86 Nathan Squiers, 4. S11 Graham Knuckey, 5. S7 Jamie Crouch, 6. S71 Ben Hall, 7. S35 Brett Ireland, 8. S16 Tim Caddy

HEAT TWO RESULTS: 1. S35 Brett Ireland, 2. S71 Ben Hall, 3. S88 Todd Wigzell, 4. S86 Nathan Squiers, 5. S7 Jamie Crouch, 6. S25 Todd Bennett, 7. S16 Tim Caddy DNF, 8. S11 Graham Knuckey DNS.

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