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SA TITLE NOM ANNOUNCED: Q14 Michael Harders!

He's the reigning QLD Champion, was runner-up in last season's QLD title and the QLD Polar Ice Series, and is currently leading the national Five Crown Speedcar Series! We welcome QLD's own Michael Harders and the Auto Upgrade, Harrison's Early and Rare Spares, Speedsport Racing Q14 Spike/KRE Eagle to the line-up of the 66th SA Speedcar Championship and round 4 of the inaugural Five Crown Series at Westline Speedway Whyalla on Saturday March 19th!

Thanks to Westline Speedway, Speedcars Australia INC. and Speedway Australia; the minimum prize pool for this season's SA Speedcar Championship based on 16 cars is a huge $9,000; based on 20 cars is massive $10,000; and even more for every car over 20! First prize is a huge $2,500!

NO NOM FEES APPLY & TOW MONEY is available to all interstate competitors!

This event is also being run in conjunction with round four of the inaugural Speedcar Five Crown Series, encompassing all five state Speedcar Championships scheduled this season, which in itself is worth a bonus series pool of ten thousand dollars! It also wraps up the SA Speedcars AT&RS Blackjack Series.

Nominations for the 66th SA Speedcar Championship can be made online via the SASpeedcars.com website (http://www.saspeedcars.com/#!nominate/c196l).

Image courtesy of Speedsport Motorsport.

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