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Chaffey Triumphs in Speedcar Stampede, But Squiers Claims the Series!

Queenslander Anthony Chaffey and the Australian Paving Services Vic6 machine stormed to victory in TheSpeedwayShop.com Speedcar Stampede at Speedway City last night; followed home by Easter double header night one winner Nathan Squiers and Jamie Crouch!

Having qualified from pole position for the main event, Chaffey was untouchable from the get-go; leaving the local heroes behind him to wage war for the remaining podium places. Squiers put on another great showing to back up his night one win and Crouch made a fantastic return to Speedway City after his wreck at the last Speedcar show at the Virginia circuit!

While passing was difficult in the slick conditions, racing was still fast and furious; with a great two lane battle over half the race between Harrington and Bennett for fourth place. But it was Chaffey who took the chequers and claimed TheSpeedwayShop.com's second annual Speedcar Stampede; won by the same team last year with Victorian Harley Bishop behind the wheel!

After a tumultuous 10 days with the VIC6 car making it to Adelaide for the SA Title the weekend prior before discovering an engine issue that was only corrected on Saturday morning of the Murray Bridge round of the double header; Chaffey's win certainly put a pep back in the step of Victorian #6 Jaxxon Wrapz team.

"I just want to thank all my sponsors, Western Landscape Supplies, Australian Paving Services, Procam Australia and Jaxxon Wrapz" said a satisfied Chaffey after the event. "Also thanks to the SA Speedcar Club for running the Easter Double Header and Speedway City. Lastly to Lindsey and Brad for their extra efforts needed to get the car sorted!"

After two nights of competition at both Murray Bridge and Speedway City, Nathan Squiers and the 86 Racing team claimed the bonus Easter Double Header point score prize pool from Chaffey and Mark Harrington:


HEAT ONE: 1. V6 Anthony Chaffey (QLD), 2. S7 Jamie Crouch (SA), 3. S86 Nathan Squiers (SA), 4. S25 Todd Bennett (SA), 5. S6 Mark Harrington (SA), 6. S16 Tim Caddy (SA), 7. S45 Rory Gilbert (SA), 8. S4 Norm Moore (SA), DNF S71 Ben Hall (SA).

HEAT TWO: 1. S25 Todd Bennett (SA), 2. V6 Anthony Chaffey (QLD), 3. S7 Jamie Crouch (SA), 4. S86 Nathan Squiers (SA), 5. S6 Mark Harrington (SA), 6. S45 Rory Gilbert (SA), 7. S8 Norm Moore (SA), DNF S16 Tim Caddy (SA), DNF S71 Ben Hall (SA).

FEATURE: 1. V6 Anthony Chaffey (QLD), 2. S86 Nathan Squiers (SA), 3. S7 Jamie Crouch (SA), 4. S6 Mark Harrington (SA), 5. S25 Todd Bennett (SA), 6. S45 Rory Gilbert (SA), DNF S16 Tim Caddy (SA), DNF S4 Norm Moore (SA), DNS S71 Ben Hall (SA).

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