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Nominate Now for SSS Mt Gambier!

With an $8,000 nightly prize pool, the Diamond Air SSS returns to Mt Gambier's Borderline Speedway for round 3 of the 2018-2018 Championship!

6 January 2018

Race night format = each Driver will take to the track for:

Time Trials 2 Heats (inverted time trial placing) per driver Dash (top 6 in points only) B Main (depending on car count) A Main: 30 Lap Feature

AND don't forget, it's a double header for Speedcars, as the following night cars will head to Premier Speedway for the Victorian Speedcar Drivers Association Inc's Victorian Speedcar Championship! (**6 Crown tow money for interstaters**)

Nominations to date:

SSS Contracted Championship order V10 Travis Mills N51 Michael Stewart N27 Reagan Angel 71Q Troy Ware Q98 Jimi-Ray Quin (NZ) Q89 Adam Wallis Q61 Scott Doyle N05 Andy Hassan V75 Mike Griffiths

SSS non-contracted V04 Luke Ferguson S06 Harley Bishop V06 Anthony Chaffey V23 Matt Jackson V71 Domain Ramsay N78 Troy Jenkins S83 Brett Ireland S88 Todd Wigzell

Click to nominate please: https://www.speedcarsuperseries.com.au/rd3

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