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This coming Easter, SA Speedcars in conjunction with Murray Bridge Speedway are pleased to introduce our preliminary feature event for night 1 of the 2 day Easter Nationals: TheSpeedwayShop.com Speedcar Feature Flip!

After two rounds heats, our hard charging competitor's earned points will determined their place in the night 1 pointscore. From this the top 20 in points will automatically qualify into the A-Main... But's it no easy win ahead for the front runners. Instead we're flipping the entire field on it's head, with the fastest starting from the rear of the grid!

But why would drivers want to race this when it makes it so hard to win? Well this is where Feature Flip really kicks in!

Bonus prizemoney is available to the eventual winner dependant on their gridded starting position! For example, the top qualifier (1st on points after the 2 heats) will start from position 20 in the A-Main. If he or she wins, they will not only win the regular 1st place prizemoney, but also a huge $2,000 bonus!

From position 20, the bonus reduces by $100 for every position forward on the grid, e.g. if 19th place wins, they get $1,900 bonus; if 18th wins, an $1,800 bonus; 17th wins, a $1,700 bonus; and so on all the way to 7th for $700. Positions 1-6 will not have any bonuses applied since they have the benefit of the front starting positions! The maximum prizemoney available to the eventual winner is a fantastic $2500!

No points will carry from the preliminary night 1 feature so as not to affect the main event position on night 2. Night 2 will revert to the regular format, with heat points from night 1 & night 2 combined to determine the night 2 feature (fastest from the front); also worth $2,500 to win. The total prize pool is now over $13k, plus bonus prizes from our awesome sponsors, which will be announced shortly!

Still need to nominate? NO NOM FEES APPLY, DRIVER PIT ENTRY IS FREE FOR BOTH NIGHTS & TOW MONEY IS AVAILABLE STARTING FROM $150 from VIC, $250 from NSW & $350 from WA! Nominations will only be taken online at www.SAspeedcars.com/easternoms. Please visit the link for full prizemoney schedules and sup regs!

NEED HELP? Call Alison on 0419 352 231 or email saspeedcars@gmail.com

Original photo courtesy of Pickos Photos