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The September 2020 edition of the Speedway Australia rulebook is now available for download. In addition to a general freshen up, the rule changes relate to the introduction of new safety standards from the FIA and Snell Foundation.

* New FIA safety standards, FIA 8856-2018 * New Snell SA2020 helmet standard from 1 October * Phasing out of Snell SA2010 standard from 1 July 2021, in accordance with Snell Foundation guidelines

Safety Liz advises, “These new standards are in addition to the existing standards so there is no immediate change necessary for any competitors. However, if you have a Snell SA2010 helmet, there’s only eight months of life left before the scheduled phase out on 1 July 2021.”

Download the new rulebook via the link: https://www.speedwayaustralia.org/.../speedway-australia..., or access it via the Speedway Australia website: https://www.speedwayaustralia.org/rules.

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