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As many of you would know, The Speedway Shop is a side-business for Harry & I as we both work full-time outside of the sport. We've recently had a number of requests come in for financial support with COVID-19 creating tough times for many owners, drivers, clubs and of course track operators who may not be able to fund the usual divisional prize pools.

After much consideration, rather than assist only a selected few teams, divisions, or tracks, we've decided to instead sell American Racer tyres as close as possible to cost price throughout this COVID-19 impacted season to help keep cars on tracks across SA & NT (and our agreed border bubble friends interstate)!

Will we make any money from our tyre sales as a result? Nope! (Sorry Harry, no new TRD Speedcar engine yet!). But if it means that an extra car can make an event during this restricted season and keep tracks operating; then that's a win in our books!

Some prices have increased since last season with the movement in the USD/AUD exchange rate, but where possible we will not only bear those costs but also discount even further under this temporary arrangement. All but four tyres across the entire sedan and open wheel catalogue will now be cheaper than last season here at The Speedway Shop only.

This is only available to SA and southern NT teams plus those within our agreed SA border sales regions such as Mildura in VIC, Broken Hill in NSW, etc. Interstaters please understand selling tyres could be the livelihood of your local American Racer dealer, which is why this is specific to our agreed sales regions. Sorry we can't share the love nationally.

To minimise our expenses and make this deal feasible, we won't be attending many of the events around the state, so please contact us early for any tyre orders. Arrangements can be made for collection in Oakbank (Adelaide Hills) 7 days a week. Please also be aware timing of new stock deliveries is a little slower with transit typically coming from Sydney via Victoria, and outgoing deliveries can be impacted due to the current heavier reliance on couriers.

In the event the sport returns to business as usual in the new year as hoped (fingers crossed!); we will also return to our usual model selling track-side at various events across the state. Prices are subject to change at any time with currency movements, increased costs etc and will be posted here in the event of an update.

Let's go racing! Alison https://d3199f25-055e-47df-ac7d-997dd883aa62.filesusr.com...

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