As race teams prepare for the biggest battle of the 12/13 South Australian Speedcar calendar to date in next weekend's Tim Crouch Memorial; ULX110 Custom Blend Oil has again generously offered a bonus prize to the Hardcharger!

Thanks to ULX110 Custom Blend Oil's Peter Brunnthaler, a winner will again be chosen by the SA Speedcar President to win 5 litres the ULX110 Performance Oil, valued at $70! In the opening round of the MIDDY'S Speedcar Slam, Brock Hallett claimed the prize after a commanding drive throughout the event.

ULX110 is a proud sponsor of this season's Tim Crouch Memorial and the 12/13 MIDDY'S Speedcar Slam. A South Australian owned and operated company out of Lonsdale South Australia; ULX110 has been a manufacturer and wholesaler of Ultra Lube Products for the past 12 years and an importer for over 15 years.

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ULX110 Oils To Reward Tim Crouch Memorial Hardcharger!